Comet Lovejoy | Motion and Details

How I See It

If you are hoping to see Comet Lovejoy, there is still time. Here is where and how. I posted my photo of Comet Lovejoy from Monday January 12 here. The next night of January 13, my brother-in-law Dave, about 200 miles east of me, posted his photo of Lovejoy on Facebook. What is interesting is how much the comet moved in 24 hours. I superimposed the two photos and aligned the stars visible in each. The actual distance across the sky is about the width of a full moon, or the width of your thumb seen with your arm extended. Lovejoy will not be staying in our neighborhood for long. And, it will be getting dimmer as it departs from the sun.


Dave and I used a single time exposure to obtain our images. Many amateur and professional astronomers have equipment and software that allows them to overlay multiple time…

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