Comet Lovejoy | Successful Sighting

How I See It

It was about 7 pm local time in Iowa. The temperature was 11˚F (-12˚C). The sky was clear. I scanned the star fields with binoculars to the right of Orion where the chart said to look. There it was. My telescope gathered more light and gave a much better view. It was a pale blue-green fuzzy patch as expected.

It was really cold. My fingers were getting numb. In a hurry, I set up the camera to take several time exposures. Not being able to see the comet in the viewfinder, I guessed that I was pointed at it. I came indoors and checked the memory card. No comet! Darn! I was pointed wrong. I went back out and tried again. This time the comet was in the frame and easily seen.

Time to thaw out under one of Melanie’s quilts and have some rum or scotch. I’m happy.

Comet Lovejoy | C/2014 Q2 | January 12, 2014 Comet…

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3 thoughts on “Comet Lovejoy | Successful Sighting

  1. Steve Gingold

    I don’t own a telescope, so have to enjoy stuff like this vicariously. On Facebook, one of my “friends” shared this and I immediately thought you would like to see it.


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