Medicare | Deadline Near | Decision Time

December 7 is the last day to choose another Medicare plan if you want to change for 2015. I decided to stay with the Part B and Part D I have. What about you?

Have you enjoyed getting lots more mail every day?

Do you like how easy it is to cut through the marketing language and make a smart choice?

Do you have thoughts about the process for either Medicare or Affordable Care?

This is your chance to praise or vent. You have the floor.



I have been accumulating lots of paper from companies that want me to sign up for their Medicare plans. A friend of mine says it makes good kindling for his fireplace. My fireplace starts with a wall switch. So, I have been recycling my ads.


7 thoughts on “Medicare | Deadline Near | Decision Time

  1. Steve Gingold

    When it was time to sign up, my choice was easy as far as a provider. We have a good local hospital as well as a good major hospital a few cities away. Only one provider offered coverage at both hospitals. We have 4 choices or levels of coverage in Plan D, so that is the only decision to make. For now, we can afford the upper mid-level, but later, when I stop working part-time I may have to drop a level which, of course, will coincide with an advanced age that might require more. What ya gonna do?
    All the ads get recycled here, too. Shredded actually.

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Sounds like your experience is ok. We also have a couple of local hospitals that are offering plans. I chose to stay with the company I have used for years. I don’t have health issues that need attention other than a yearly exam with one generic prescription. I hope I never get into a complicated situation. Motivation to stay healthy.

  2. OceanDiver

    Mr O has Medicare and he’s made his plan choice for this year. Every year he goes through the list of options at the gov site since the companies change their rates radically, but he says it’s very smooth and easy to do. The site presents a list custom tailored to his location and regular meds so he can see what he’ll actually end up paying. Medicare is an example of how efficient government can be, when it’s not being a political football, subject to lobbying and campaign contributions. If medicare could be expanded to the whole population, many problems would be solved, and money saved.

    I just yesterday signed up again for my own insurance through the ACA. I was really concerned about being able to afford insurance when I retired from full time at 55 and lost that benefit at work. For the first few years I was paying for a private plan – expensive! What a difference it has made in monthly premium and overall cost this past year. I qualify for a subsidy. Washington state has its own exchange and while there have been some glitches at the website, overall I am very pleased with the process. I’m now set up for another year of low cost good quality medical insurance.

    1. Melanie McNeil

      Hi — glad to hear your choices have been good for you. I had private insurance beginning middle of 2013. When I compared pricing on it to exchange-offered plans, I found I couldn’t switch. My potential subsidy (for next year) was a whole $20/month, which made my total for a silver plan almost $7,000/yr. My private (non-exchange) plan has a couple of exceptions grandfathered in (no maternity care, no pediatric care, and no mental health care), but the price is much lower and otherwise the benefits are much better. That could be state-specific. I haven’t looked, but haven’t seen comparisons between what is offered by particular states.

      Good to see you. 🙂

    2. Jim in IA Post author

      You both have good news to report. I agree about expanding Medicare to cover everyone. That was the most sensible choice for costs and performance.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Stay in good health. Get out and walk those trails around you.


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