Volcano | Walking the Rim

How I See It

On our way to Taos, NM, we approached the cinder cone of Capulin Volcano. It is managed by the National Park Service as a national monument. It takes about 10 minutes to drive the 2 miles up the road that circles the cone. Most of the road had no guard rails. At the rim was a parking lot. We hiked the 1 mile trail around the rim which involved over 300 ft of elevation change. Then, we hiked down into the bottom of the crater about 1/4 mile. At 8000 ft elevation, we were out of breath several times. We flat landers from Iowa arenā€™t used to getting above 700 ft elevation.

Capulin1 On a clear day, you can see CO, NM, OK, TX, and maybe KS.

Capulin2 Click to embig.

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6 thoughts on “Volcano | Walking the Rim

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      We went from Enid, OK out the panhandle to Clayton, NM Monday. Talk about flat. At Clayton, the topography changed. We started seeing buttes and volcano remnants. One hour northwest of Clayton is this cone. Soon after were high mountains.

      Beautiful. You should see the area.


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