Rainbow After Dinner

How I See It

We drove west all day from central Oklahoma on highway 412 through the entire length of the panhandle. We stopped just inside of New Mexico at Clayton to stay the night. Dinner at the Eklund Hotel was fun and very tasty. We noticed some rain out the windows. Upon getting into the car to return to our motel, we saw this piece of rainbow arcing into the sky.


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5 thoughts on “Rainbow After Dinner

      1. jimfetig

        I’m about to write my close out blog post where all if that will get covered. The short answer is that the post hike depression got the best of me for awhile and not a lot got done.

        1. Jim in IA Post author

          I can imagine there was a big let down physically and emotionally. I look forward to your post and comments.

          We arrived in Taos, NM today for a week of vacation. We are in a small one bedroom casita on the east edge of town. It is so quiet and nice. An owl was hooting a few minutes ago. The tree frogs are signing away. No other noises.

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