Such a Beautiful Day

by Melanie and Jim

The weather changes a lot in Iowa. It is one of the features of our state we like. Now and then, we enjoy some of the most splendid and beautiful days. It was like that recently with absolutely clear skies, very light breeze, and 72˚F. We changed clothes and drove a few miles to a favorite place, FW Kent County Park. We hiked around the central lake and then around a smaller pond in the northeast corner. Total distance was about 2 miles. Not far. But, it was a beautiful day. Not much needs to be said. The pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Central Lake

Smaller Pond


17 thoughts on “Such a Beautiful Day

  1. Alex Autin

    Wow, these are fantastic photos! I love that crisp blue sky!

    We’ve yet to see this kind of weather down here where it’s definitely still summer – big time. But hopefully soon!

      1. Alex Autin

        Awesome! We’re being promised to have a bit of a cool down by the weekend. I’m not sure how cool it will get, but anything below 95, and with lower humidity, would be very welcomed!

  2. jeanneban

    Been thinking about heading out to Kent Park. You have captured the beauty! I worry about the water quality. Did you see the recent article highlighting the concern?

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      I did see that article. They have tried for a long time to keep the lake healthy. It needs some drastic measures now, I guess.

      Will you be doing some blogging on WordPress? I hope so.

  3. Steve Gingold

    Fantastic scenery and wonderful flowers, Jim and Melanie. Days like that are to be savored.

    Glad you have the good balance to stay aloft. I am sure I would have lost mine on that truss.

  4. shoreacres

    What gorgeous weather. And, gorgeous photos because of it. They’re saying we’ll feel the effects of your cool front this weekend. It may get down to 90!

    I haven’t seen any asters or goldenrod yet, but they’ll come. For now, it’s hot, humid, sticky and generally unpleasant. In short — it’s early September on the Gulf Coast.


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