Home Made Ice Cream

Summer is a great time for ice cream. The home made kind is a special treat. As kids, many of us remember getting out the ice cream maker. You needed a big tub, lots of ice, salt, the maker, and some people to crank the handle until it was too hard to turn. After the ice cream was finished, someone pulled out the beater and put it in a cake pan. Several kids would gobble up the ice cream stuck to it. You finally got a bowl of it with your favorite topping(s).


Today, it is a lot easier to make ice cream. No salt is needed for some machines. Our maker has a mixing tub we keep in the freezer. Inside its walls is a liquid at room temps. It freezes when stored there, ready at any time.

IceCream1Our recipe is from the instruction booklet. It is reliable and can be altered for variety. Today, we made vanilla. In the third ingredient, we used a cup of half-and-half with a cup of whipping cream instead of two cups of heavy cream. Sometimes we only use half-and-half. Mint Chip is great with peppermint and green food coloring. Try whatever recipe you like.

Mix up the potion and set it in the freezer for 30 minutes to give it a good chill. The machine freezes it in a shorter time when pre-chilled.


Here is the mix ready for the pre-chill. Stir it for long enough to dissolve all the sugar grains.

IceCream2After 30 minutes in the freezer, pour it into the machine and turn it on. It takes ours 25 minutes.

IceCream3The machine has an opening in the top to let you see the consistency of the ice cream. When it looks ready, turn off the machine and open it up. Looks good, huh? You can’t have any yet. It is going into the freezer for a few hours to get more firm. The bottom photo shows it ready to go in the freezer.




After a few hours, dish it out, add toppings if you like, and enjoy a great summer treat. Yum 🙂






15 thoughts on “Home Made Ice Cream

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  2. shoreacres

    That looks just wonderful. It certainly is more convenient these days. On the other hand — no room in my freezer for such a contraption. The freezer’s full of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. I guess I’ll buy some good vanilla and put the fruit with it.

  3. Selma's Table

    Hello Jim – I am one of the co-hosts for Fiesta Friday this week – and I can tell you that you are most welcome with your ice-cream – it has been scorchio in my part of the world (London, believe it or not) and could certainly do with a scoop or two to keep me going!

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Hi Selma

      I wish I could hand you a nice bowl of it. We were in London in 1999 when there was a ‘heat wave’ for the city. I believe the temps may have reached 80˚F or so. People were uncomfortable.

      Thank you for your visit here.

  4. Hilda

    A lovely straightforward recipe for a timeless dessert. Thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday. I can hear everyone talking about their favourite flavours – a great conversation gambit.

  5. Thread crazy

    Hmm..yummy. yes I do remember those hand crank days! I have an electric large ice cream maker that I used occasionally and now it’s going to help someone else! I have an older model of a counter top freezer, similar to yours, that I too keep the freezer tub in our big freezer. I made some here last month and used “goats milk”, which was good also. My recipe calls for using egg, so I’ll try yours next time! To our ice cream days….


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