Violets | Blue, White, and Yellow

by Melanie and Jim

Violets were abundant along the path where we hiked in the wooded wetlands along a local river. We stopped, surrounded by hundreds of them. The only way to be close enough for a photo was to get down on hands and knees among them.

It is surprising how many different species of violet there are in the world. Wikipedia says there are as many as 600 in the viola genus of the family Violaceae.

We were blessed with these three fine examples. Each is 1″ across.



9 thoughts on “Violets | Blue, White, and Yellow

      1. thegiftofbeard

        Dry and windy the first day (gusts snapped one of the tent poles in two places). Rain came in the second afternoon and with temps hitting the upper 30’s at night, and two little ones in tow, we bugged out. Still a great weekend. The munchkin asked if we could go again (her first camping trip this time), so I was pleased.


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