Lunar Eclipse | Images of Totality

How I See It

The previous post explained the nature of a total lunar eclipse and what to watch for. The post also described the four consecutive total lunar eclipses we can expect in the next two years, known as a tetrad.

I set the alarm for 2 am. Total eclipse was to begin for my location in eastern Iowa at 2:08 CDT. The camera settings were made the night before. It was already on the tripod. Images were from my front lawn.

For the photographers:

  • Fuji FinePix S602 ZOOM at 6x
  • ISO 200
  • White Balance set to incandescent
  • Exposure 2 seconds using the self-timer mode to avoid shake
  • Focal Length 47 mm
  • White level was set in each of the next four images using the star Spica at lower right

This diagram shows the path of the Moon across the penumbra and umbra of the Earth’s shadow. Times are for the eastern time zone…

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