(Don’t) Stop Acting Like a Two-Year-Old!

Catbird Quilt Studio

Have you ever spent a lot of time with a young child, one who is not quite three? At that age, most have a lot of skills under their little belts. They not only walk but run; they climb stairs and use spoons and forks. Many are toilet trained. Yet they are still so fresh and new. They look around themselves, continually seeing things to try. And try they do.

Each day, each hour brings them experiences unlike those they’ve ever had before. They reach for the door knob to open it, but the size is beyond their hand’s grasp. Having tried, they may be satisfied. Or they may turn, complaining to an adult, or just fall to the floor with a wail. Frustration ensues, the product of wishes exceeding their capabilities.

No matter the outcome, it doesn’t stop their quest. Again and again, maybe then or maybe later, they…

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