Great Lakes | Near Record Frozen Extent

No surprise here.

How I See It

The Great Lakes of the United States were 88% ice covered as of mid-February 2014. That is the largest extent since 1994. Since 1973, the average ice coverage is 51%. This is only the fifth time in 40 yrs that it has exceeded 80%. The least extent during that time was 9.5% in 2002. Ice started forming in some of the bays and inlets in November instead of mid-December because of an unusually cold fall season.

This image was taken February 19, 2014. It was recorded by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. Visible are snow cover, darker grey forested areas, clouds, ice, and some open water as black. Click on this and the next image if you want to see a very large version 5200×4000 pixels. You need a fast internet connection.

This image recorded the same scene in infrared and red wavelengths to help…

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2 thoughts on “Great Lakes | Near Record Frozen Extent

  1. Thread crazy

    I saw the news story with Brian Williams earlier this past week where they showed this same (or one like it) photo…it is indeed a cold winter and breaking records. Just wish they could pipe some of the water from melting snow down our way and to the west coast to help end this drought. Interesting winter indeed….with this much ice it will take a while to melt, once it starts….

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      I wish they could do that, too. I heard reports of rain in CA. Any where you live? The most important precip is heavy snow in the mountains. That will last longer and can be piped to where it is needed.

      Good luck.


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