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How I See It

Browsing around to find interesting blogs, and reading those I follow, I am struck by how few comments and little dialogue follow posts that appear to be excellent and finely crafted works. The posts are engaging, thought provoking, humorous, etc. The author carefully selected their words and illustrations to make their point. Sometimes, no one comments at all. It leaves me wondering.

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6 thoughts on “Comment | Do You Or Don’t You?

  1. robinmacarthur

    Tried to comment, wordpress makes it difficult, several emails trying to get password, finally set new one, but then I got dumped away from blog. Just an example, I’ve given up trying to respond to blogs, Catch-22, circles within circles 😦


  2. Melanie in IA

    I asked a similar question. (Not really, but the responses were related). The answer I hadn’t considered, because it didn’t apply to me, was the difficulty commenting from various devices. When I realized that was a factor, the lack of comments bothered me less. Of course, I’d still love more, and lots of stimulating back and forth generated from them!

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Sometimes, my iPad shuts down the browser in the middle of an attempt to comment. It has reduced my attempts to comment and reply on it. I wait until I am at the desktop computer. Then, the opportune time might be missed.

  3. Thread crazy

    I too have thought the same Jim on some blogs. I think it just depends on what time of the day the blog is released as when I look over some of the responses, they are usually early on in the day. I’ve tried to answer on either my phone or my mini tablet, but usually find it easier to answer on my laptop. I so enjoy the keyboard – worked computers for too long I presume. You are correct though, sometimes the opportune time is missed…

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      I’ve tried different times of day and never was convinced it mattered. I guess the numbers are too small to see a pattern.

      I think I have a better sense now of comments. Thanks to you and several others for some good feedback.


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