Questions for God

Are you a sports fan? Do you root for one team against another?

Do dogs really understand what we say to them?

You know when I lost that thing, where did it go?


Why do little kids have to suffer?

That “what goes around comes around” thing, does that really work?

Are there commercials in Heaven?

Is that a teevee on the right?

Does everything happen for a reason? And really, what’s the reason?

Are you there?

God or no god, we are connected. Treat each other tenderly.

What questions do YOU have for God?


7 thoughts on “Questions for God

  1. shoreacres

    What questions do I have for God? Not many, really, but if any of them get answered, I’ll be sure to let you know.

    In the meantime – yes. Of course dogs understand what we say to them. Cats, too, but they like to pretend they don’t. 😉

    As for “Why?”, I’ve always been told there are only two possible responses. “Why not?” and “Because.”

  2. Thread crazy

    Believe me dogs and cats understand us, or at least mine do. Love the way they open one eye and look to see if we are looking at them. Is our universe the only one – I’ve wondered that myself; and again, God only knows.


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