The White House | Online Image Gallery

United States Government Work

Official White House photographer, Pete Souza, documents the activities of the President, his family, and administration. We often see his images released to the news media. There are over 5,000 images by Souza online and available for public viewing at Flickr. People haven’t seen most of these. If you like browsing images, and you are interested in daily events in the White House, this site is for you.

Click on the Flickr link. The first screen contains about 200 images. At the bottom, you can advance to over 50 more screens. At the top left of the images page is a link to Sets of images. The sets are grouped from the first days of the administration, until now. I picked a few example images from the site that caught my eye. See below for one more comment. Enjoy.

United States Government Work

United States Government Work

United States Government Work

United States Government Work

Bob Segel, member at Daily Kos, posts monthly galleries selected from these official photographs. You can view them at the start of each new month. Here is a link to his list of posts and his most recent for the review of 2013. Think about a bookmark for his list.


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