Comet ISON | Unique Viewing Opportunity

Maybe see comet ISON midday thursday…

How I See It

Comet ISON is going to pass very near the Sun on Thursday November 28. The extremely close encounter brings it closer than 1,000,000 miles of the surface. Earth is 93,000,000. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio offers this animation of the trajectory of ISON. (1 min 28 sec)


Whether it survives the passage intact is not known. The world is waiting anxiously in hopes that it will, and that ISON puts on a brilliant display. It has been hyped as the comet of the century. That might not happen. Many groups and individuals are preparing viewing campaigns to document the passage during perihelion. The Solar Dynamics Observatory is preparing to view ISON in high definition with its telescopes.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO is always staring at the Sun. It does so at ten wavelengths. Images are captured every ten seconds and relayed to Earth. Here are…

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