Venus … Meet Mr. Moon

by Jim and Melanie

The view to our west on October 7 about 45 min after sundown was beautiful. The new Moon and Venus were aligned perfectly. Here is a little more zoomed view of the Moon. Isn’t the subtle Earthshine nice?

One thing is for sure. The closure of the government offices is not going to keep us from seeing views like these. That is a good thing.


9 thoughts on “Venus … Meet Mr. Moon

  1. shoreacres

    This is wonderful. A friend called me – night before last, I think – and said, “I’m sitting at a red light in Friendswood, and there’s something up there by the moon. Is it Venus?” Well, I couldn’t see either one from where I live, so I went outside, looked at the truly spectacular sight and called her back to say I thought it was, indeed, Venus.

    And now I know! I sent her a link to your post as confirmation.


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