Out the Back Window | Mushrooms

I looked out the back window this morning and saw something large with an orange tint. I wondered if a plastic bag had blown in over night. Binoculars verified it was not a bag. It was several really large fungi 6″ across. The recent rains and warmer temperatures gave them a boost. Can anyone help me get an ID on these?

In the front yard, we had an ornamental pear for 10 years. It died after two difficult years of dry and hot summer weather. We had it removed. Now we see a collection of fungi growing around the dead stump. It is as though they are having a party and feast on the site.


7 thoughts on “Out the Back Window | Mushrooms

  1. Melanie in IA

    My brother who hunts mushrooms says ” It’s very difficult to identify mushrooms from photos, especially brownish, somewhat nondescript ones. But I have reason to believe these are poisonous. Then again, maybe not. 🙂 “

  2. The Novice Gardener

    Did you manage to get the ID yet? I’m with Melanie, they look poisonous, especially the ones in the first photo. But I have no expertise, zero. They look pretty, though, and the mushroom ring is cool!

  3. Thread crazy

    I echo the comments; stay away unless you know for sure! I too have some “white” mushrooms coming up out back. Not quite sure why as we’ve not had much rain. Maybe cooler temps are coaxing them out.

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      During a walk this morning, I noticed a lot of big ones of all kinds growing along the path where it was dark and moist.

      We will leave them alone. Thanks.


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