Out the Back Window | Growing on Trees

We noticed a lot of things growing, or that had grown, on trees. Some are the usual things like oak leaves and acorns. The low sun angle gave detail to the textures. Walking farther, we noticed some others to share.




Things happen to trees. A deer scraped its antlers on the trunk of a young tree in front of our neighbors. The river birch at our side yard is shedding big sheets of bark.



2 thoughts on “Out the Back Window | Growing on Trees

  1. Thread crazy

    Enjoyed your pics..and here I thought maybe I was the only one who liked to take pics of things on trees! That’s why I love the outdoors so as you never know what surprises are out there.

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Thank you. When you get out and visit those things regularly, you begin to see the changes that take place through the seasons. Surprises indeed. We enjoy them, too.

      I’m glad you stopped and commented.


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