Medallion Sew-Along #2 — First Border Set

Catbird Quilt Studio

Welcome to Catbird Quilt Studio’s Medallion Sew-Along! If you’re just joining us, you’re not too late. Part 1 of the Sew-Along can be found here, and other resources are under the Medallion Sew-Along tab.

Just follow this blog for updates if you’d like to join the fun!

My goals for this project are to have fun making medallion quilts, each fresh and new with an original design, and to help you do the same. If you’ve made medallions before, you may have some sense of the process. The difference here is the lack of a pattern. If you want a pattern, you’ve come to the wrong place! YOU will make your own decisions for color and value, for shape and size, and even for how many borders you’ll add. My job is to help you with strategies for those decisions.

In Part 1 I told you we will…

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