My Medallion Quilt Finish

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Catbird Quilt Studio

Never before has an “active” project taken me so long. I started this quilt in February after finishing the wedding quilt, shown below. In fact, in the center medallion of my quilt, you can see the four corners echo those below. I made them intending to use them as corner blocks on borders of the wedding quilt, but then chose something else.

For six months I have taken my time, enjoying the freedom to go slowly. Most quilts I make are gifts, and most are for events such as new babies, weddings, or the like. There are deadlines, however squishy, and I get things done pretty much on time. There was no such thing as “on time” for my medallion quilt. Other than wanting it done before winter, I could dally or speed, whichever I pleased.

When I consider the process, I begin with those first four corners. They…

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