Gramma Brown’s Rhubarb Pie

I like rhubarb pie. I like to add strawberries to my rhubarb pie. I like ice cream with a piece of still-warm pie. And, this is the time of year when the rhubarb and strawberries are fresh from the garden. It doesn’t get much better. I just finished making a pie using Melanie in IA’s recipe from her Gramma Brown. It turns out a superb and always reliably delicious custard pie. Earlier in the day I went to the raspberry bushes along the tree line at the back yard and picked a quart of black raspberries. Some of them are in the pie, too. Doesn’t it look good?

I have a single rhubarb plant in this little terrace on the south side of the house. There have been two harvests this year. A third will likely come in a month. Then, it dries up.Shown below, I cut the dozen or so large stalks and remove the leaves.
I always leave some small stalks and shoots. They appreciate some water to help them survive the lack of shade from the large leaves that have been removed.
The stalks get taken to the sink for a good wash. Most people would then cut them up into thin slices with a knife. I have a better way. The food processor does that job perfectly. The 1/16″ cutting blade is just right. Several stalks can be fed at a time. It is a big machine. But, it still takes two batches to get them all cut. See below.
The slices come out sometimes still adhering to each other. A couple of those stack is show below. The dozen or so sliced stalks will fill three 3 cup Glad storage containers. For this pie I used slices equal to one of those Glad containers.
The recipes says to prepare the pie crust and line a pie pan. I just buy them ready made two to a box. They fit almost perfectly. The slight excess I cut off with a knife. You can see two rolled up wads in the pan. I later roll them into long flat strips and place them on the pie before baking it.
The sliced rhubarb is placed into a bowl with a third of a cup of sugar to sweeten. I also prepared the strawberries and freshly picked raspberries on the side. The three are mixed together. A mixture of 2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, and 4 tbs of flour get stirred together and added to the fruit mix. All of that gets poured into the prepared pie crust.
Here is the pie ready to be placed in the 425˚ oven for 30 minutes. Note the X on top from the two small leftover bits of crust.
And now for the best part. Pie with a little ice cream on a summer evening. Delicious. I wish you could taste it.
If you want to try this recipe yourself, here is a copy for you. Try some variations like I did. Gramma Brown would be pleased. She is no longer with us. But her pie lives on. Thank you, Melanie, for saving it and sharing it. It is a wonderful treat.

31 thoughts on “Gramma Brown’s Rhubarb Pie

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  2. emmasouthlondon

    This looks so good!
    … I wish we could taste it too!
    I’ve got a forest of rhubarb growing in the garden, so will give this a go at the weekend –
    thank you!

    1. Melanie in IA

      We have our plant ready to be harvested, and we don’t quite have last year’s (freezer) batch done yet! It’s a very good pie, mixed with berries or just as rhubarb. Enjoy!

  3. acasadisimi

    Hi! i’m Simi an Italian food blogger! i follow your blog is beautiful! compliments! thanks for brinking this recipe in Fiesta Friday! greetings from italy!

  4. The Novice Gardener

    Oh, I love rhubarb pie! More than sweet potato pie, I have to say. Sorry, Mr. President! I just prefer fruity-kind of pies. I have to find out how that video ends. What happened to the pie place owner? You left us hanging in suspense!

    Btw, a joke that you’ve probably heard,
    Square root of -1 and Pi got into an argument. Square root of -1 told Pi,” You’re irrational.” To which Pi replied,” Get real.” Haha…

    1. Melanie in IA

      Hi Angie! I never heard that joke before, it’s true. Still smiling…

      Thanks for stopping by. Jim made pie for me again the other day (this post was from months ago.) And this time it was just rhubarb, and it was MAG NIF i CENT! He knows how to treat me right. πŸ˜‰

      1. The Novice Gardener

        You treat each other so wonderfully. A role model couple you two are. ❀

        Jim must have heard of that joke? I thought it's standard among scientists/mathematicians. So glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  5. polianthus

    Love rhubarb, love the combination with strawberries and anything that is from someones grandma deserves to be tested. Must keep my eyes open for ingredients tomorrow+

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      The most recent one I made I added some vanilla and cinnamon and some slivers of dried apricot. I also cut back a little on the sugar. We both thought it was delicious.

  6. Stacey Bender

    Kismet. My word to you. When I read your title, I thought, hmmm, did you know my Gramma? I had a Great Gramma Brown from Hager City, Wisconsin. Mother of my Grandpa Brown, age 93. He loves rhubarb anything but especially rhubarb pie. He grows large tangles of rhubarb under his porch in Alaska, or rather, it grows itself.

    I love your post. I love your pie. I certainly like you and look forward to reading more.

    Happy Friday, and fiesta. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Some people have little connection or love of rhubarb. Then, there are those of us who really love the stuff. It goes so well with other fruit and sweets. The tangy flavor is offset by sweetness.

      In my pie last week, I added some cinnamon and vanilla plus slivers of dried apricot. I also cut back on the sugar a little. We thought it was a better pie.

      Thank you for your kind remarks. Have a great weekend.

  7. Selma's Table

    I love that hand written recipe – what beautiful writing. I fear that we are losing the art of handwriting in this age of electronic everything. Your pie recipe sound delicious and I also like Jim’s changes with the apricots and cinnamon! Thank you for bringing this to share at Fiesta Friday!

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      The pie is always delicious. It is simple to make and reliable. I like trying some new additions to see how it changes the experience. This week I will make some home made ice cream. That means we need a new pie. Oh darn! πŸ™‚

  8. Ngan R.

    I just made a strawberry rhubarb crisp for the first time for Mother’s Day and quite enjoyed using rhubarb in the dish. I can’t believe the abundance of rhubarb you have in your garden! I am quite jealous. What a beautiful pie and so lovingly made for your partner. Gramma Brown would surely be proud. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the crisp. Once rhubarb gets established, it is quite vigorous. If you plant it, make sure it is in a place you can tolerate in the future.

      Thanks for the kind words about the pie.

  9. thebrookcook

    Your rhubarb (& pie, of course!) is fabulous! I love how you sliced it in the food processor- I have never done that before! I’m changed for life now πŸ™‚


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