Grand Canyon 2011

We visited Las Vegas in 2011 for the first time. We also drove to the Grand Canyon for two days. We have never been there before. It was an awesome place. Words do not really do it justice.


During a hike on the Rim Trail, we were treated to a herd of seven Big Horn.

This is a Mountain Bluebird. There were a lot of them around.

Bright Angel trail goes to the bottom. Don’t mess with the mules. See the guys on the outcrop in the distance? A sign near them said Do Not Enter. I guess they read it as Enter-Hikers Welcome.

On Thanksgiving morning, we rose well before sunrise and took the shuttle to Hopi Point. We wanted to watch the Sun rise. There is something satisfying to see the motion of the Earth bring the Sun into view like that. Sunrise was followed by a long hike along the rim from the most western Hermit’s Rest point back to a bus pickup. We saw no other people as we walked and watched the Sun paint the canyon walls with color.


Along the hike that morning were these feathery blooms, a variety of Mountain Mahogany? The entire two days at the Grand Canyon was peaceful and magical.


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