Viewing Heavenly Bodies on Computer

How I See It

As an amateur astronomer, I often use desktop planetarium software to plan my viewing sessions. There are many products available for all computer platforms. A Google search yields links to many sources.


Growing in popularity and features are the online planetarium sites. Below are highlights of some favorites of mine. Each has unique features, look and feel, and ease of use. Enjoy.

Eyes on the Solar System from JPL at NASA

This is one of the best simulators available. It is accompanied by rich graphics and top of the line accuracy. It uses Java.

There is an Intro as well as Tutorials. For best results, I advise using them. Or, jump in and start exploring the Solar System on your own. Explore the planets and their moons. Bookmark and check back in the future for new features, tours, and news. The menu of choices is updated as needed.


Neave Planetarium

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